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We design websites for small and medium size businesses. Depending on customer needs, WebWaveDesign offers different types of websites:
WordPress gained popularity because of it is a part of social media. When new pages or posts are created, they get instant publicity and can be viewed by other users. WordPress offers big variety of templates that makes it easy to preview your website and choose template you like. Another reason of popularity is that WordPress websites are easy to update, write new blogs, and create new pages.


When website functionality is the most important factor for your business, consider a website designed in Drupal. Drupal websites allows new visitors to create account and build user profile; it allows community discussions and polls. Depending on your choice, your website users can be given different permissions to do different things on your website. Some users can be allowed to modify your website content and create new one or even make their own menu. Other users can see only limited content on your website. Drupal can be an excellent choice if you want to build a portal for people, so that they can use it as a launching point.

Some websites are designed in HTML framework. A framework is an environment where websites are created. Bootstrap framework is one of them,it is versatile and mobile friendly. A nice add-on is the Pure framework. HTML Frameworks are very compatible choice.

Social interactions at websites are encouraged and if you are interested in building your own social website for your users, you should choose Elgg website. Elgg is an open source, it is free to install and modify websites' layout. Elggs sites allow visitors creating profile, microbloging, using market places, creating their own pages and groups by interests, sending emails, posting pictures and videos.

WebWaveDesign has an extended experience working for small businesses including retail type of business. When E-cart is added to your website, it becomes your second store. Adding e-commerce features will help to generate additional sale for your business. We use the most popular, encrypted applications for online business.
Using e-commerce applications has other advantages; it will help to list your online store at different online shopping markets. Virtual shopping market is where vendors list their products for online purchase. It is a promotion that you get just by using e-cart.


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As a part of the process, we offer to participate in social marketing strategies and the use of Google webmaster tools. The service is not included into the cost of web site design.

  1. Keywords and Meta tags will increase content visibility
  2. Free submission to all major search engines
  3. Localized advertisement: Search engine finds business by the zip code and address.
  4. Promotional newsletters are the part of having internet business. Newsletters are suggested for promoting new products, events or on sale products. WebWaveDesign can personalized newsletters for your business.
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